People performance directly impacts business performance. Performance is a product of wellbeing.  

Founded in 2023, Empathrive brings a fresh perspective to ways of working. By enhancing people and teams, we enhance business success. Wellbeing is defined as a state of being healthy, happy and comfortable. We target all three of these components, delivering the tools to ensure true, sustainable success.

Empathrive sets the foundations for an environment of growth whilst empowering individuals to reach their potential. We believe that traditional work culture falls short and it’s time for change. Through our informative workshops and coaching, together we can build a workplace designed to thrive in the modern world.


So break free from the ordinary.

Embrace innovation.
We are your partners in progress, your advocates for change.




Includes our series of 10 workshops targeting both self-realization and corporate success and further 1-2-1 coaching for attendees. Delivering culture development for productivity and fulfilment. 

All of our relaxed and informative workshops as well as time coaching more specific concerns. Elevating individuals on the path to success.


Delivering our series of unique workshops simultaneously targeting self-realisation and corporate success, the new paradigm for growth. Delivering culture development for productivity and fulfilment.

Relaxed and informative, this series covers everything from personal fitness to hybrid working, all in all ensuring you are well equipped for success.


Wellbeing solutions for your unique challenges. Whether solving a specific issue or strengthening overall wellbeing, together we can design a solution to support your workplace needs. 

Tailored based on what you need. Our time together can include coaching, presentations, workshops, observations and brainstorming discussions.


We are confident in the value of our packages and so we offer 100% of your money back if we don’t deliver.

Above all, our workshops, coaching, and consultations are designed to drive positive change for both teams and individuals. With innovation and empathy, we’re here to facilitate change, spark new thinking, and all in all offer unwavering support.

We’re passionate about your success and committed to your team’s growth, therefore, when you invest in our packages, you’re making a confident, risk-free choice.

We are so confident in what we offer, we ensure your investment in us is risk-free.

Your satisfaction is our priority and for this reason, if at any point you feel we’re not delivering value, we’re ready to refund your investment. Empathrive is dedicated to providing the support and insights you need.

culture development for productivity and fulfilment


A divided team struggling to find common understanding of goals, consistently moving forward with tension and without clear vision or direction.
  • Through workshops that ignite collaboration, we helped the team to better communicate.


  • Facilitating them as they opened up as individuals, identifying their differences and similarities.


  • Building understanding and trust helped them to find common ground.


  • Finding common ground and common purpose created a more open space, where conversations around project goals, vision, and direction became easier.
Grounding the team in common purpose paved the way for faster and smoother collaboration. Bringing individuals together allowed them to communicate their ideas from a place of common understanding. This led the team to collaboratively conceptualise their overarching goals. In sum, this facilitated stronger vision and direction and expedited the progress of their work.
“Very helpful and insightful, we learned that we all share similar fears regardless of our position. I now feel less insecure about saying my views.”


Emma Gray, the passionate force behind Empathrive, draws from a unique academic and professional background. Emma spearheads a mission to significantly revolutionise the workforce. Her bold creativity underpins the innovative approach to combine two vital aspects often treated separately by competitors: empowering people and optimising workplaces.


“I built Empathrive to help everyone thrive inside and outside of work. Businesses flourish with fulfilled employees and people work better when they’re fulfilled. My goal is to support workplace wellbeing and help businesses tackle the astronomical costs of absenteeism, presenteeism and turnover. Empathrive is designed to target everything that contributes to how we feel and how we work, boosting knowledge, training and understanding in all of the areas that truly matter to personal fulfilment and workplace efficiency.” – Emma

Image of Emma Gray, behind Innovative Workplace Culture Development


Innovative Workplace Culture Development